Herbal Immunity Booster (KAADHA)

Amar-ras is 100% herbal immunity boosting supplement which enhances your immunity against any bacteria and viruses that can cause harm to our body. This Kaadha can be consumed with tea, coffee, or any other hot beverage on a daily basis.

Why Choose Amar Ras

Why do we drink Green Tea ?

  • To improve Metabolism
  • For cutting down un-wanted Fat
  • Provides Anti-oxidants for the body, amongst others.

What if we tell you that in addition to these benefits : AMAR RAS KADHA

Helps your body clear – up unwanted elements, thereby clearing the arteries & ensuring them to work efficiently and it also helps in a Good Night Sleep.

If you have an efficient Metabolism and clear Arteries & Sound Sleep the immunity of your body improves automatically.

Amar Ras part of lives

Robust immune system to fight against

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Cold
  • Sound Sleep
  • Improved Blood flow
  • Improved Liver functionality
  • Fight against any virus / bacteria

Least or in fact no requirement of medication for the above alignments , there-by letting your body to start fighting against all these viruses by creating a robust shield within your body.

Pandemic or No Pandemic make AMAR RAS part of your LIFE to ensure a Healthy Body & Efficient Immune System.

All the Ingredients in AMAR RAS KADHA have been very effectively combined and mixed in the required quantities to ensure to suit to all Age groups with different quantities.

You can also make your own KADHA by mixing the Ingredients as mentioned or Order from our Website or Insta Page.

Our Mission

Our Goal is to ensure that we make our Body Self Sustained to Fight against Viruses / Bacteria’s without seeing the Doctor.

Note – Patients undergoing any severe Illness, do check with your Physician before deciding the dosage / quantity of AMAR RAS.